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  • n. the division of something into equal parts
  • n. the partition of its vertex set into sets whose sizes differ from each other by no more than 1
  • v. To divide into equal parts.

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  • n. In physical, the distribution of energy throughout a medium, consisting of molecules in motion, in accordance with the law of the partition of energy. See energy.


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  • The reason for this is something called the equipartition theorem in statistical mechanics.

    Another Antimatter Supernova Discovered | Universe Today

  • There is also evidence supporting the conjecture that the equivalence principle is valid separately for quarks and gluons resulting in exact equipartition of momenta and angular momenta in the nucleon.

    Generalized PDFs Imply a Gravitomagnetic Moment!?!?!? « Imaginary Potential

  • Temperature in the equipartition theorem is related to energy

    Telekinesis and Quantum Field Theory

  • I am not sure how the equipartition theorem comes into this picture.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • Boltzmann: his paper on equipartition of energy. .+ his paper on ‘entropy’ (wikipedia/wolfrom refer to his papers only this way .. no complete references!. .some help please)

    The Greatest Physics Paper!

  • Planck's theory was suggested by the apparent necessity of modifying the generally accepted theory of statistical equilibrium involving the so called "law of equipartition," enunciated first for gases and extended to liquids and solids.

    A Librarian's Open Shelf

  • If the system consists of molecules and ether, as the former have a finite number of degrees of freedom and the latter an infinite number, the unmodified law of equipartition would require that the ether should finally appropriate all energy, leaving none of it to the matter.

    A Librarian's Open Shelf

  • Based on this one can apply the equipartition theory to a group of N bits and assign an average energy each bit holds.

    The Reference Frame

  • Meanwhile, the energy bounds (assuming bounded energy) now give so that there is now a logarithmically wide window of opportunity for nonlinear behaviour at high frequencies. from (9), but we can do a little bit better if we invoke the heuristic of equipartition of energy, which states that the kinetic portion of the energy is roughly in balance with the potential portion

    What's new

  • You also have the equipartition of energy meaning that the energy absorbed in the IR photon doesn't have to come out as a photon of the same wavelength



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