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  • noun Plural form of eradication.


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  • Our human adventures and exploits in the later years of the 21st century as oil runs out will be to somehow include guaranteed health protections and certain, lethal disease eradications and medical advances.

    Media after the site « BuzzMachine

  • Vaccines have driven huge reductions -- and in the case of smallpox, for instance, complete eradications -- of major childhood diseases.

    Vaccine Makers Enjoy Immunity

  • The Pentagon actually made a very smart decision not to allow our troops to take part in drug eradications.

    Matthew Yglesias » Afghanistan

  • And for poor cash-starved California, always broke since Proposition 13, money for emergencies and eradications is there to be had from the Feds --- who ever would want to turn down free money that might keep your agency partly afloat?

    Paulina Borsook: Bush Administration to Blue-State California: Drop Dead!

  • Indeed we are South Africans members of the global village and we to wish to play a pivotal role in an effort to help eradications poverty and aspire to realise a new world order where global resources are equitably used for all nation states.


  • We have record numbers of eradications, arrests, and seizures of drugs.

    Press Conference Of Presidents Clinton And Mubarak

  • And extraditions, seizures, prosecutions and eradications are all up in the last year.

    Joint Press Conference Of Pres Clinton And Zedillo

  • Giant alien snails spark panic, mass eradications in Miami RESIDENTS in Florida are struggling to cope with a plague of giant African land snails that grow as long as 20 centimetres, chew through plants, plaster and stucco and sometimes carry a parasite that can infect humans with a nonlethal strain of meningitis. | Top Stories

  • Of all eradications of this doctrine (of human progress), the most difficult is that connected with the outward shows -- in air, in colouring, in form, in grouping of the great elements composing the furniture of the heavens and the earth.

    The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. 1

  • But the US says it's ended the eradications in a bid to win over Afghan support.

    Democracy Now!


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