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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of erect.


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  • Discussing the Clinton campaign, I think Ezra Klein erects too much of a dichotomy between populist and New Dem “sides” to Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign.

    Matthew Yglesias » Populism and ‘92

  • Liberals have long favored an expansive interpretation of the principle of separation, a position endorsed by the Supreme Court in 1947 in the case of Everson v. Board of Education, which held that, properly construed, the Establishment Clause of the Constitution erects a "wall of separation" between religion and state that "must be kept high and impregnable."

    Nomi M. Stolzenberg: The Separation of Church and State and American Politics

  • It shines its brightest -- brighter than any gilded altar it erects -- when the church is about positive transformation in the lives of the poor.

    Rev. Susan Baller-Shepard: Forget God. How Are We Helping Haiti?

  • Outside, two builders waited to erects a new glass door.

    U.K. Businesses Count the Clean-Up Cost

  • Mr. Holman's adaptation, on the other hand, erects a massive, self-consciously theatrical superstructure on top of the story, with a second actor (Yael Stone) portraying various other characters mentioned by Gogol and a pair of onstage musicians (Paul Cutlan and Erkki Veltheim) playing Mussorgsky-and-sound-effects background music.

    Too Much of a Good Thing

  • Also, the present system erects significant barriers to the efficient allocation of labor when the ability to signal is not available.

    Earth to Educators: People Hate School, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • He said the bill "not only adds to those requirements, but erects barriers and limits commissioners' discretion to get services as quickly and efficiently as possible."

    Mayor, Council at Odds

  • In a recent NYRB article, Zadie Smith praises what requires criticism, and criticizes what deserves praise, erects straw men in order, simply, to blow them over, and presents arguments, which, when valid, are so for the wrong reasons.

    2009 January 27 | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS

  • I want a new Constitutional Amendment that explicitly guarantees the right to personal privacy that the Warren Court found in the “penumbra” of the other rights, a new law that makes Griswold unnecessary and Roe redundant, and that erects barriers to the sharing of personal data between companies.

    Matthew Yglesias » Requests We Can Believe In

  • Fox said: "There is no place in our armed forces for the mistreatment of detainees and there is no place for a perverted sense of loyalty that turns a blind eye to wrongdoing or erects a wall of silence to cover it up."

    Army suspends Baha Mousa soldiers as more prosecutions are considered


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