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  • adj. Former; previous.
  • adv. Before; formerly; at a former time.
  • adv. Sooner; rather; liever; in preference.

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  • n. Middle English forms of earer.


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From Middle English eror, erur, earre, arre, from Old English ǣrra ("earlier, former, preceding"), equivalent to ere +‎ -er.

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From Middle English erer, ærer, from Old English ǣror ("earlier, before, beforehand, formerly; rather"), equivalent to ere +‎ -er.


  • And who had chosen to desecrate the With-erer's altar with the act, and the display.

    Spirit Gate

  • If you didn't catch it, let me give you a clue: Eache ov thees entreis abuve haz a erer.

    From On High

  • It's kinda creepy .... we were both doing the erer-erer at the very exact same time.

    elephants Diary Entry

  • He couldn't see the beams themselves clearly, only the brilliant reflections they produced inside the gath-erer's body cavity.

    Sentenced To Prism

  • Commission upon the Amount of the Credit side which is bulk'd up to a large sum by the dutys making your com: mission twice as much as it would be if you were to rais it only upon your Export sales And this way I am a great suff erer and never saw this way practised till of late years you

    Letter from Robert Carter to John Stark, July 8, [1729]

  • They've also published numerous cases with topics covering the BoP of major multi-nationals to local entrepreneurs. csa rerwe erer - Development Through Enterprise - Eradicating Poverty through Profit

  • Kasaba sakinlerinin kontrollerini kaybederek birer caniye dönüşmeleriyle Amerikan rüyası sona erer.

    H?rriyet ANASAYFA

  • Magdalena Rybarikova Watch for: ... erer has not lost a set during night play in Australia ... :: Xtreme Tennis News

  • The warmup track, "Ubu Overture", sounds like the reverberations of Satan's tuning fork punctuated by filthy belching noises: "Merde … erer!"


  • Finally, I turned up a couple of hemitetrad variants for Fowkes: rere, erer; nono, onon; rara, arar.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XII No 1


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