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  • n. Alternative spelling of eroticization.


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erotic +‎ -isation


  • The "Maschinenmensch" robot based on Maria is a brilliant eroticisation and fetishisation of modern technology and the current crisis in Dubai, whose economic boom was founded on a colossal import of globalised labour, makes Metropolis seem very contemporary.


  • But it also has to be said that if paedophilia seems to be on the increase, it has been enabled by the eroticisation of our culture over decades, and even priests are not immune.

    The Age News Headlines

  • Moreover, the eroticisation of Nazi rituals is at the heart of the film right from the punk concert scene, where the bare chests of the young Austrian men extolling not the mixing but the purity of blood brush against each other against a backdrop of body worship, while one of the party leaders masturbates in front of a fascist tract.


  • This novel does not judge, or attempt to justify a racist organisation, but it does shed some light on the eroticisation of the oppressor.

    Queer Sighted

  • And along the way, among the repeated eroticisation of various grisly deaths, Bella also takes part in a scene that depicts self-harming as a noble act of sacrifice.

    Home | Mail Online

  • KOCHI: India has the most extreme eroticisation of everything since the very beginning.

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • David O'Mer's jeans-clad bath-time aerial routine works both as a sexy showstopper and a knowing subversion of advertising's eroticisation of everyday life.

    Culture |

  • I’m not ready to concede that anyone on the planet has the complete answer to the question ‘why is the eroticisation of power so pervasive in human sexuality?’

    Bondage and Patriarchy

  • The thing is though, I think that what freaked me out wasn’t so much bottoming per se as a disconnect between the pretend eroticisation of power differentials and the ACTUAL eroticisation of power differentials.

    Bondage and Patriarchy

  • I suggested that if the radical feminists didn’t start from the accusatory position that these women were doing wrong, we could begin by asking a not so loaded question like ‘why is the eroticisation of power so pervasive in human seccsuality?’

    Is The Oppression of Women The Root Of All Oppressions?


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