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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of eroticize.


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  • Some of his hits have been surreal, such as one that eroticizes the act of checking one's prospective lover for ticks ("Ticks") and an early classic sung from the vantage point of alcohol itself ("Alcohol").

    So Many Ways to Make Noise

  • It never objectifies or eroticizes the violence but keeps it frightening and horrible.

    Masters of Horror – The Screwfly Solution (2006)

  • "Liberal" media outlets often supply a subtler, more insidious form of anti-Israel news coverage that ignores Israeli suffering, eroticizes the suffering of the Palestinians, and fails to report in a way that would illuminate the main causes of this suffering, such as the way Palestinian and other Arab "leaders" brainwash their people and often use civilians, placing them deliberately in harm's way, to further the leaders 'aims.

    Heather Robinson: Let Us Hope Our New President Stands Up for Zionists

  • Yes, that's right: a cigar-chomping conservative who eroticizes cartoon animals and attends "furrycons" where he can hook up with those who have similar socially crippling fetishes ... and have sex with them while all parties are wearing their fur suits.

    McCain Concedes That Political Use Of Petraeus Picture Was A Goof

  • The film never eroticizes the rape, instead making it a vile, degrading act to watch though the characters treat it very nonchalantly.

    Deadgirl (2009)

  • I think the lack of pornography parodoxically eroticizes society more than the present saturation level of porn.

    "Is Pornography Adultery?"

  • The film is about the way that tourism, and especially the particularly Western conception of tourism, eroticizes and exoticizes the foreign locales that the tourist visits.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • His reprimand not only eroticizes the relation between More and Porteus but uses allegory to inject a charge of plagiarism: Some years ago I saw a female race;/The prize a shift — a Holland shift, I ween:/Ten damsels, nearly all in naked grace,/

    'Manlius to Peter Pindar':Satire, Patriotism, and Masculinity in the 1790s

  • Like Dworkin, he sees the pornography industry as a part of a patriarchal culture that eroticizes the domination and subordination of women.

    Visit by Robert Jensen, thoughts on free speech and democracy « Knitting Clio

  • The first eroticizes power relations, but the second intentionally constructs real and destructive power relations so that they can be eroticized.

    Bondage and Patriarchy


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