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  • n. A reddish secondary cobalt mineral, CO3(AsO4)2·8H2O, found in veins bearing cobalt and arsenic and used in coloring glass.

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  • n. Red cobalt, a secondary hydrated arsenate of cobalt minerals with the formula (Co3(AsO4)2·8H2O).

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  • n. A colorless crystalline substance, C4H6.(OH)4, of a sweet, cooling taste, extracted from certain lichens, and obtained by the decomposition of erythrin; -- called also erythrol, erythroglucin, erythromannite, pseudorcin, cobalt bloom, and under the name phycite obtained from the alga Protococcus vulgaris. It is a tetrabasic alcohol, corresponding to glycol and glycerin.
  • n. A rose-red mineral, crystallized and earthy, a hydrous arseniate of cobalt, known also as cobalt bloom; -- called also erythrin or erythrine.

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  • n. A hydrous arseniate of cobalt, of a rose-red color, occurring in radiated or acicular crystalline forms and as a pulverulent incrustation. Also called cobalt-bloom and erythrin.
  • n. A rose-red variety of orthoclase feldspar from amygdaloid near Kilpatrick, Scotland.
  • n. A crystalline organic principle (C4H6(OH)4) obtained from several species of lichens by extraction with milk of lime.

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  • n. a reddish mineral consisting of hydrated cobalt arsenate in monoclinic crystalline form and used in coloring glass; usually found in veins bearing cobalt and arsenic


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From erythr- + -ite.


  • It combines with erythrite, forming another tannoid, erythrine.

    Synthetic Tannins

  • Under weathering conditions these minerals oxidize readily to form asbolite, a mixture of cobalt and manganese oxides, and the pink arsenate, erythrite or "cobalt bloom."

    The Economic Aspect of Geology

  • They with you, nullified you tips, spirant your damn erythrite, stillbirth you to meliorative new trail and flatboat.

    Rational Review

  • Cobalt produces the violet-red color in erythrite, (cobalt arsenic sulfide).

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