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  • n. Plural form of esker.


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  • Their basic technique was relatively simple-take samples from glacial features such as eskers during the summer and analyse them for key indicator minerals during the winter.

    The Ekati Diamond Mine - Success in Canada's North

  • Around us is a patchwork of eskers sand and gravel dunes deposited by ancient rivers during the last ice age, hummocks, bogs and muskeg. Stands of dwarf willow thicken the banks of the river in places, and trees scattered singly or in small groves cover some small hill or bluff in no discernible pattern.

    M. Sanjayan: Thelon Expedition: The Country

  • •Covered by ice during the Wisconsinan; there are end moraines, eskers, and numerous glacial lakes.

    Ecoregions of New Jersey (EPA)

  • Cook Inlet is level to rolling, with areas of ground moraine and stagnant ice topography, drumlin fields, eskers, and outwash plains.

    Coastal Trough Humid Tayga Province (Bailey)

  • Lakes, poorly drained depressions, morainic hills, drumlins, eskers, outwash plains, and other glacial features are typical of the area, which was entirely covered by glaciers during parts of the Pleistocene.

    Laurentian Mixed Forest Province (Bailey)

  • Pure pine stands occur in rocky terrain, on top of arid eskers, and in pine swamps.

    Land tenure and management in the boreal region

  • The features are a contrast to the extensive eskers and drumlins, and more loamy and silty soils of adjacent ecoregion 50j.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)

  • The Brule and Paint Rivers Drumlins (50j) ecoregion has extensive eskers and drumlinized ground moraines, pitted and unpitted outwash, wetlands, large glacial lakes, and a lower density of lakes than in adjacent ecoregion 50i.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)

  • Much of the Chippewa Lobe Rocky Ground Moraines (50g) ecoregion is comprised of productive but rocky soils, scattered wetlands, extensive eskers and drumlins, and outwash plains.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)

  • Pitted glacial outwash with extensive eskers and drumlins, ice contact deposits, rolling ground moraines, and steep end moraines distinguish this region from the flat lake plain of adjacent ecoregion 51c.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)


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