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  • n. Plural form of esophagus.


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  • Until then, I wish you a safe journey as you travel down the esophagi of my family and friends.

    Pain Pesto (Pesto Swirl Bread)

  • Their esophagi have an insensitive coating, allowing them to swallow whole fish.

    The Foie Gras Police

  • I have come to believe over many years of seeing stars rise and fall that the true believers who consider themselves artists funneling a gift from God through their narrow esophagi may luck into success for a little while–but in the long run God gets sick of being blamed for so much bad music and withdraws His support.


  • Dr. Duncan further explains that the regular insertion of a feeding tube damages the birds 'esophagi, which exacerbates the painfulness of each force feeding, and that "[t] he birds' obesity will lead to myriad other problems from skeletal disorders to difficulties in coping with heat stress, and all of which are accompanied by feelings of malaise. "

    Bruce Friedrich: Scientific Evidence Proves: Foie Gras is Foul

  • The researchers also found no heart-rate increase when the tube was introduced into the esophagus, and the paper reports that the birds brain activity shows no signs that force-feeding induces pain, in part because ducks and geese already have expandable esophagi for the purpose of swallowing large fishand the windpipe entrance is located at the center of the tongue, enabling the birds to breathe and not gag even with the tube present.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • But the studies that looked separately at how ducks responded to the tube insertion and to the filling of their esophagi with foodand compared these reactions to those of control ducks that were not force-fedfound no significant difference in the ducks corticosterone levels.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • Kay Wheeler, a retired Department of Agriculture inspector who had been working with Hudson Valley Foie Gras on biosecurity practices, testified that the farms ducks were not being mistreated, that their stress was minimal, that postmortems on 600 ducks found no lesions on their esophagi, that the notion of the tube inflicting damage was a myth and that the livers arent diseased because storing fat is one of their natural properties.

    The Foie Gras Wars

  • Shove a pipe down their esophagi and pump them so full of corn mush that their livers expand to 10 times the normal size.

    James Cromwell: Put the Knife Down, Foie Gras Ban a Progressive Step

  • Deal with internal hemorrhaging, ripped esophagi, fungal and bacterial infections, and a brain ailment call hepatic encephalopathy.

    James Cromwell: Put the Knife Down, Foie Gras Ban a Progressive Step

  • You can brandish the law, but you can never stop all those botellas of fortified Mexican Coke yearning to be free from seeking better fortunes in the esophagi of los Estados Unidos.

    Rocky's Not The Real Thing


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