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  • n. The inward forms of faith and religion; transcendence, mystic experience, and internal realizations of the Divine.
  • n. Being esoteric.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as esotericism.


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  • He closes with a quote from Frithjof Schuon, a mystical philosopher of "esoterism" whom I read a lot of in college; and he approvingly cites

    Is there a cosmos?

  • The notion of a “hidden meaning” is present in all religious texts; except for Christianity, which has severed all ties with esoterism, formally and brutally, in the 6th century AD, all other texts have an exoteric i.e. literal reading and an esoteric one.

    Is Second Life the theatre of the absurd? Ask the Kool-Aid Man in SL

  • As I mentioned for the Parel Iron Man cover, esoterism really does not have much of a place on comic book covers.

    Judging (Marvel’s April) Books By Their Covers | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • The esoterism of religions is dying and is breathing hard to survive.

    Why divide love?

  • This might have created a certain elitism and esoterism in the museums offerings, but at least they were building a patrimony that could be put someday to good use.

    La Megaexpo: Venezuela new art structure

  • We do not appear to have any direct proof of the existence of "mysteries" of Isis and Serapis {230} prior to the Empire, but all probabilities are in favor of a more ancient origin, and the mysteries were undoubtedly connected with the ancient Egyptian esoterism.

    The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism

  • They understand, because they feel, the inevitable esoterism that must persist at the kernel of all democracies, unless these degenerate into mere rabble and intellectual mob: they are the last, therefore, to maintain that one person's word is as good as another's; that common sense is competent to solve all questions; that freedom of thought means the right of all to think as they please.

    The Education of American Girls

  • The morbid propensity of the age for esoterism, magic, and confederacies caused the "Fama" to raise a feverish excitement in men's minds, expressed in a flood of writings for and against the brotherhood, and in passionate efforts to win admission to the order, or at least to discover who were its members.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • As we are not bound by Maimonides's principle of esoterism and mystery, nor are we in fear of being an offence and a stumbling block to the fools, we shall proceed more directly in our exposition of his philosophy; and shall begin with Maimonides's general ideas on the need of science for intelligent faith and the relation thereto of Jewish history and literature.

    A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy

  • There our unknown friend notes that the purpose of esoterism is to help "the deep and intimate layers of the soul" to "become active and bear fruit."

    One Cosmos


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