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  • n. Plural form of essence.


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  • One might ask whether God possesses this same freedom in bestowing esse essentiae on possible essences, that is, on (doubly) secondary objects of His knowledge.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • His expression "Wesen der Sprache" does not mean "the essence of language," but the "essencing," the making of essences, that is the work of language:...language bringing things into their essence, language ‘moving us’ so that things matter to us in a particular kind of way, so that paths are made within which we can move among entities, and so that entities can bear on each other as the entities they are...


  • Recalling the essences of her contained in the rooms she occupied made him shiver with pleasure.

    The crush

  • Spiritual created beings, however, as free from the composition of matter and form, have physically simple essences; yet they are composite in that their essences are the result of a union of genus and differentia, and are not identical with their existence.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5: Diocese-Fathers of Mercy

  • We'll experiment with the unsweetened "essences" to make flavored seltzer and maybe even splurge on some of the other flavorings, some of which are supposed to taste like national brands of soda.

    Can a home-use seltzer maker reduce household waste?

  • How is a report that a monastery will start celebrating the traditional Mass in addition to the reformed Mass contrary to the "essences" of Rorate Caeli?

    A NEW BIRITUAL MONASTERY Traditional Mass in Norcia, Italy

  • Rather than get their aroma and flavor from artificial and natural flavouring essences which is what the more commonly consumed and often tea-bagged Aromatized Teas are all about, Perfumed Teas are perfumed with fragrant plants, fruits and flowers.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Social institutions and organizations do not have "essences" or "natures", and they do not have inherent functions.

    Institutions, functions, purposes

  • So we are left with the impression that these two systems of thought, which deal with entirely different realms the empirical world of the economy and the a priori world of the "essences" of ideas like "freedom", just happen coincidentally to lead, in Rothbard's mind at least, to the very same political conclusions.

    Joe Salerno on The Austrian Movement - The Austrian Economists

  • "But a master of the skill brings all of his other .... 'essences' to his new shape, combines it with complete understanding of the creature whose shape he would take."

    The Black Wing


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