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  • n. Plural form of essentialism.


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  • I actively try to fight other essentialisms, even to the extent of trying to deny the effect of culture (s) on “peoples” I like, a little, the Scandanavians & French.

    Matthew Yglesias » Helen Suzman

  • Against both of these essentialisms, against both Kant and Foucault, Bourdieu offers a sociology of culture that emphasizes the agent's interested, strategic position within the field of cultural production and consumption, the "field of struggle":

    Contention and Contestation: Aesthetic Culture in Kant and Bourdieu

  • In thinking about Precious, I'm asking you not to let the distance take hold of your perspective, because that distance creates false gender, sex, race, class, urban-ghetto/rural essentialisms and borders.

    Forgotten truths about the rawness of survival

  • So ideally, if we are free of all these essentialisms, it doesn't matter what are genetic inheritance is if we even really can be certain what it is and we can construct our own Taiwanese/Chinese/Modernese identity of our choosing.

    Reconstructing post-1949 Nationalist History in Taiwan

  • Last, I want to point out using an example that sometimes what I poorly term here "new essentialisms" are sometimes very effective at battling old ones:

    Reconstructing post-1949 Nationalist History in Taiwan

  • Given the importance of origins in biology, in that field we can make another distinction among essentialisms, according to how they answer the question: Can one kind of thing turn into another kind of thing?

    Essentialisms in Biology (II)

  • In my next post, I think, I'll try to sketch out the sorts of essentialisms one finds in biology, or, at least, the most important ones that were around in the nineteenth-century there were a lot.

    Essentialisms (I)

  • It quickly became clear to me that if I were to have anything at all to say about it, I would need to be more clear in my own mind about essentialism, or, rather, essentialisms.

    Essentialisms (I)

  • It is fairly clear, for instance, that type essentialisms are usually swept into the category 'essentialism' when people talk about the history of biology, because that's the only way sense can be made of things like for instance talk about Darwin versus essentialism.

    Essentialisms (I)

  • Well, if we are talking about a minimal essentialisms like the MCE I suggested in my first post, we certainly aren't wrong to say that species have essences and that the essences of species change over time; because species are kinds of things that change over time, and they become different kinds of things.

    Intuitive Essentialism (IV)


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