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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of essentialize.


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  • On the erudite side, Said's claim that the Orientalists "essentialized" the Orient is itself exposed as an argument dependent on an "essentialized" portrayal of the West.

    Writings from the Middle East Forum and Middle East Quarterly.

  • Especially if any biz orientation is essentialized as either + or -, per familiar problematic binarism, which may be as devastating (!) in real life as it appears to be handy (?)/justified (?) in theorizing/modelling.

    Where the Denialists Are | Serendipity

  • The token female often ends up sexually objectified and stereotyped; the MacGuffined person often ends up being essentialized as the representation of virtue and treated as an archetype for The Reluctant Hero; and so on.

    Objectification in fantasy «

  • It is more constructive, I think, while recognizing the persistent fallacy of an atomized human "individual," self-constructed, essentialized, pre-social, that we allow for the possibility of positive social change.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Ms. Nottage recounted how when it was first produced, some black audiences objected to the ways in which a group of white artists had "essentialized" black characters, particularly in the sometimes indecipherable patois they had them speaking.

    Seeking New Clarity in a Provocative Classic

  • If Mlinko is going to suggest that there might, in fact, exist a set of essentialized relationships between styles of writing and the gender of bodies, then I fail to see how I can easily list women whom I might wish to emulate or upstage without encroaching upon stylistic territory that some feminists might staunchly demarcate as uniquely their own.

    By the Numbers : Christian Bök : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • I think a major problem had been the politicization of essentialized identities in Taiwan.

    Reasonable Review of Cape No. 7 from Chinese State Media

  • Although both the DPP and KMT have accepted this concept, it simply creates a stalemate between the KMT's greater national Chinese as envisioned by Sun Yat-sen, in which there are many ethnic groups, but Han are the representations of pure, superior and modern... and the DPP's own essentialized version, which denies the continued horizontal crossing of their own demarkation between ethnic groups.

    Reconstructing post-1949 Nationalist History in Taiwan

  • Rather than seeing Taiwanese and Chinese as an essentialized culture "under attack/threat" as the article suggests, concentrate on the structures within which the change occurs.

    Reasonable Review of Cape No. 7 from Chinese State Media

  • This post made me think about how rural communities are essentialized, or maybe even romanticized.

    In Case of Fire, Good Luck to You » Sociological Images


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