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  • adj. Able to be established.


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establish +‎ -able


  • The point here is partly one made since the beginning of Internet time by journalists of a stricter cast: The Web lacks, to say the least, a trustworthy or reliable or, even, establishable provenance.

    Brown's Black: Michael Wolff

  • Moreover, PFO would have to be either ontologically innocent or committed only to entities whose existence is conceptually necessary (or at least establishable a priori).

    Plural Quantification

  • If the existence of God and what it was to act in accordance with His will were perfectly evident or clearly establishable by hard intellectual work, faith would lose its force and ration - ale.


  • It is perfectly easily establishable whether there are rights attached to a particular copyright owner.

    ZDNet UK Highlights

  • This is not a matter of opinion, simply a fact establishable by comparing Monckton's claims with Pinker's paper. 'legitimate to interpret the results in a new direction' is only saying Monckton can try, not that he has succeeded.


  • Legionnaire had sent it didn't seem establishable, and I suspected that Larteguy had made it up; I wasn't aware that he had commented on it.

    Chaos Manor Musings

  • A necessary truth is an essential principle establishable as a priori by logical deduction, a fundamental form of any morphological system (e.g. a law in mathematics), one where (P2) for all values of W (1 ... n) (all possible worlds), it is always true that (P1) "W manifests the proposition, P, that 'W manifests X as a feature', as a feature."

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • And there are also easily-establishable accountability systems so that if we make a mistake it can be corrected. "

    Remarks By The President Vp At Gsa Warehouse


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