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  • [Greek: 'Asebous men' estin 'anthropou tas para tou theou charitas' atimazein.]

    Poetical Works of Akenside

  • The Greek of Matthew actually reads, "Touto gar estin to aima mou tēs diathēkēs to peri pollōn ekchunnomenon eis aphesin amartiōn," which better translates to, "This is my blood of the covenant which is shed on behalf of many for forgiveness of sins."

    I'm Down with Jesus -- It's Christ That Gives Me Problems (Part 2)

  • As a famous demoniac once asked, "Ti emoi kai soi estin?"

    ἀποθανεῖν θέλω

  • Before answering this question about examples, however, he says that we must first answer the question about criteria: what is it to be a substance (tên ousian prôton ti estin)?

    Aristotle's Metaphysics

  • Dind., etc., after Stobaeus, e graphike estin eikasia, or if the vulg. graphike estin e eikasia, trans.


  • Cf. “Symp.” iv. 26 [isos de kai ... entimoteron estin].


  • In that case, the carpenter looks to the form (eidos) of shuttle, that which is shuttle (ho estin kerkis).

    Episteme and Techne

  • What I mean may be well put in the Greek phrase — not quoted from any author — [Greek: estin hae loidoria diabolae].

    The Wisdom of Life

  • Eriugena particularly admires a Dionysian saying from the Celestial Hierarchy (CH iv 1; PG III. 177d1-2): to gar einai panton estin he hyper to einai theotes (˜for the being of all things is the Divinity above being™, III. 686d) which he translates as esse omnium est superesse divinitatis, (˜the being of all things is the super-being of divinity™, III. 686d, I. 443b; see also I. 516c; III. 644b, V. 903c).

    John Scottus Eriugena

  • Oti gar ouk estin anthropo kata phusin to sarkophagein, proton men apo ton somaton deloutai tes kataskeues.

    The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley


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