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  • n. Plural form of eternalist.


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  • The Tralfamadorans are “eternalists,” who buy into the block time view of the universe — that the past, present, and future are equally real.

    Incompatible Arrows, II: Kurt Vonnegut

  • This argument succeeds only if eternalists really can't explain change without believing in temporal parts (see section 3).

    Temporal Parts

  • Or are eternalists free to choose between endurantism and perdurantism?

    Temporal Parts

  • One reason to think that eternalists should believe in temporal parts is that without them they may have difficulty explaining how things change.

    Temporal Parts

  • If eternalists accept temporal parts, they have a neat explanation at hand: your yesterday temporal part doesn't know about theories of persistence, but your tomorrow part does know about theories of persistence.

    Temporal Parts

  • But if eternalists reject temporal parts, then the two apparently-conflicting states are states of one and the same thing (you), and it's not obvious how to resolve the conflict.

    Temporal Parts

  • Attempts to connect debates about time with debates about persistence have focused on the disagreement between eternalists and presentists.

    Temporal Parts

  • But eternalists are committed to the existence of your two apparently-conflicting states.

    Temporal Parts

  • And because functional phenomena become annulled (once they have produced an effect, causes) do not become static and permanent, (as you eternalists would assert).

    Four Hundred Verse Treatise on the Actions of a Bodhisattva's Yoga ��� Chapters 9 - 12


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