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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of etherealise.


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  • His _Florise_ is perhaps too long, perhaps too learned; and certainly we are asked to believe too much when a kind of etherealised Consuelo is set before us as the _prima donna_ of old Hardy's troupe:

    Essays in Little

  • She saw herself transformed, radiantly attired, but in the most exquisite taste: her face grown longer and more refined; her tint etherealised; and she heard herself with delighted wonder talking like a book.

    Lay Morals

  • That evening was the finest I have seen on the islands; there was a less abrupt transition from day to night, and the three great mountains and the desert were etherealised and glorified by a lingering rose and violet light.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • Perhaps during this summer his genius was checked by association with another poet whose nature was utterly dissimilar to his own, yet who, in the poem he wrote at that time, gave tokens that he shared for a period the more abstract and etherealised inspiration of Shelley.

    The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • Though he may be a great artist in edible discords — things rank and gross and startling — can he in the quantity of inconvenient food he consumes, be expected to pose as a critic of the most etherealised branch of epicureanism?

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • She could have done it differently of course; the colour could have been thinned and faded; the shapes etherealised; that was how

    To the Lighthouse

  • So etherealised by spirit as he was, and so apotheosised by worshipping admirers, did his footsteps, in the procession, really tread upon the dust of earth?

    The Scarlet Letter

  • There were others again, true saintly fathers, whose faculties had been elaborated by weary toil among their books, and by patient thought, and etherealised, moreover, by spiritual communications with the better world, into which their purity of life had almost introduced these holy personages, with their garments of mortality still clinging to them.

    The Scarlet Letter

  • It seemed as though our mortal bodies were completely etherealised by the thrilling melodies which floated down to us from the upper air.

    To Mars via The Moon An Astronomical Story

  • Just as we say that our religion is morality, is duty, only etherealised by viewing it as the expressed mind and will of the Soul of all souls, the World-intelligence, so do we think of marriage as based on a union of souls by friendship, inspired by a deep mutual respect, not for what the partners have, but for what they are, and finally made glorious in the light of an unfading love.

    Morality as a Religion An exposition of some first principles


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