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  • Relating to both ethics and politics: as, the ethico-political system of Confucius.


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  • A domestic policy within its thematics (values) excludes the equity of an unmediated (un-proclaimed) subject within the ethico-political domain.

    Equality and the Liberal Democrats… « My Liberal Democrat Political Ramblings…

  • The next question that Weber's ethico-political project raises is, then, what kind of character virtues are necessary for the kind of leadership and citizenship that can together make a great nation, while holding inevitable bureaucratization in check.


  • If Baron had viewed civic humanism as an ethico-political response to events,

    Civic Humanism

  • Roughly, these are doctrines which acknowledge or are at least compatible with the acknowledgement of (i) the "burdens of judgment" (roughly, the reasonableness of disagreement over high-level issues in ethico-political and scientific investigations), and (ii) an obligation not to free ride on working and mutually beneficial social arrangements.

    Public Justification

  • This isn't all there is to it; I haven't discussed what makes it a moral, i.e., ethico-political, logic, namely, positive and negative evaluation.

    Linkable Legibles

  • Because we are not ready, we have embarked on what may be a prolonged period of self-examination, a movement, recognised by Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor as the turn towards inwardness in which individuals as well as communities and social formations consisting of disparate communities refuse to ask the economic question, "What can I produce?" but choose instead to ask the ethico-political question, "Who am I?"

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Page 173, Volume 1 works of the mechanists (meccanici) in the sixteenth century, the ethico-political realism of Machiavelli, the treatises on rhetoric and on the arts of discourse — all these had a decisive influence on the cultural develop - ment of Francis Bacon.


  • Platonic metaphysics rests on mathematical Forms, such as the Forms of the One and the Many, of the perfect straight line or the circle; and ethico-political


  • The five relations which constituted his ethico-political system were everything.

    Oriental Religions and Christianity A Course of Lectures Delivered on the Ely Foundation Before the Students of Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1891

  • For at a certain point in the proceedings the king addressed questions of a vaguely ethico-political character to the elders, which were answered by them to the admiration of all, especially of the philosophers who had been invited to meet them, among whom was Menedemus of Eretria.

    A Grammar of Septuagint Greek


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