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  • n. A scholar or researcher in the field of ethnobotany


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ethno- +‎ botanist


  • As the ethnobotanist Wade Davis explains in The Rainbow and the Serpent, his scientific exploration of zombie death in Haiti, a mind conditioned from birth to believe in curses will succumb to a “self-fulfilling prophesy” when a taboo or spiritual code is broken.


  • I just watched this 2003 TED Talk video lecture by Wade Davis, the pioneering ethnobotanist and anthropologist who has lived with an amazing array of indigenous cultures around the world.

    Boing Boing

  • The daughter of two pharmacists, Conte loaded up 15 credit cards and hired ethnobotanist Steven King, who amassed a library of 2,600 specimens to find ones with the greatest therapeutic powers.

    One Pharma Entrepreneur's Never Ending Quest

  • As an ethnobotanist specializing in the study of traditional uses of plants, I knew that in one remote part of the world, the script writer's fantasy was my reality.

    Michael Balick, Ph.D.: Sakau: Powerful Plant From the Pacific Islands

  • Some similarities with the experiences of ethnobotanist Terence McKenna and maverick physicist Jack Sarfatti.

    Philip K. Dick | Disinformation

  • Samoa's 50 percent share will be allocated to the government, to villages, and to the families of healers who first taught ethnobotanist Dr. Paul Alan Cox how to use the plant.

    Boing Boing: July 30, 2006 - August 5, 2006 Archives

  • The late psychedelic pioneer and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna was also an avid naturalist.

    Three links

  • The late ethnobotanist/philosopher/social critic, Terence McKenna, even hypothesized that speech communication requires a limited form of telepathy for communication to work.

    Ambiguity in Drafting

  • To solve the riddle, Italian ethnobotanist Giorgio Samorini, editor of the journal Eleusis of the Civic Museum in Rovereto, identified the type of lettuce represented in the ancient Egyptian bas reliefs.

    Egyptians Ate Lettuce to Boost Sex Drive | Impact Lab

  • In an effort to understand this slice of the Arctic world, Fitzhugh has put together a large team of specialists, including Bruno Frolich, a Smithsonian archaeologist and physical anthropologist with a particular interest in khirigsuurs, and Paula De Priest, a Smithsonian ethnobotanist.

    Mysterious Mongolia


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