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  • n. Plural form of ethnobotanist.


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  • The beginning of chocolate is the cacao tree, known by ethnobotanists as "theobroma cacao."

    How chocolate is used for healing in the past and present

  • In recent decades, biologists, ethnobotanists, and the like have managed to convey some sense of the staggering diversity of the rainforest, often guided by the people who have lived there for eons.

    Nature Without People?

  • Hard and Roney, working with ethnobotanists Karen Adams of Crow Canyon and Gayle Fritz of Washington University have recovered from Cerro Juanaqueña far more charred seeds from wild plants such as nondomesticated squash, grasses, and weedy species than maize.

    To Farm, or Not To Farm

  • The standard scientific explanation was trial and error—a reasonable term that may well account for certain innovations—but at another level, as Schultes came to realize on spending more time in the forest, it is a euphemism which disguises the fact that ethnobotanists have very little idea how Indians originally made their discoveries.

    One River

  • I knew, and told Jim, that ethnobotanists working among the Yanomamo, another recently contacted group, had reported low numbers of medicinal plants.

    One River

  • Here were the first indications of the complexity of the preparations, a variability that would confound ethnobotanists for almost two hundred years.

    One River

  • This should be followed by consultations between medical doctors, pharmacologists and ethnobotanists, aimed at listing the diseases the villagers can identify and treat, along with the plants to be considered for treating them.

    Chapter 7

  • It is in this light that it has become an imperative necessity for ethnobotanists, phytochemists, pharmacognosists, herbal healers, policy makers, financial institutions and other bodies to come together not only for the purpose of dialogue and exchange of information in the use and preservation of medicinal plants, but also in the practical implementation of theories and resolutions resulting from such gatherings.

    Chapter 7

  • The little-known Kauai Declaration, a two-page document signed by 41 of the world's preeminent ethnobotanists, states that every culture "represents a distinct philosophical and pragmatic" approach to nature.

    NYT > Home Page

  • But innumerable native peoples and some knowledgeable ethnobotanists drink large quantities of it for a wide variety of ailments with no detectable ill effect (other than gagging from its awful taste).

    Tucson Citizen


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