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  • n. The branch of sociology that deals with the codes and conventions that underlie everyday social interactions and activities.

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  • n. An academic discipline that attempts to understand the social orders people use to make sense of the world through analysing their accounts and descriptions of their day-to-day experiences.


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ethno- +‎ methodology


  • And he also describes a significant French interest in the American Chicago school of sociology and the approaches of "ethnomethodology".

    French sociology as a distinctive tradition

  • Behavior in Public Places, 3-4The school of ethnomethodology also attempts to provide this kind of detailed observation and description.

    Everyday social interactions

  • Influenced by Harold Garfinkel's ethnomethodology, generative semiotics of Griemas and maverick sociology of Gabriel Tarde.

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  • This calls for a variety of skills: strategic thinking, ethnomethodology, information management techniques and functional expertise (marketing, logistics, legal, ...).

    About :: Headshift

  • We have a tendency in HCI to think of areas in HCI to be about their topic of study - e.g. ubiquitous computing studies ubiquitous technologies, affective computing studies emotion - but this tends to collapse the object of study with the orientation to the study, as though the only possible way to do "workplace studies" is through the lens of CSCW/ethnomethodology and the only way to do build hardware is through the lens of Computer Science.

    What theory in HCI is about

  • Sally wasn’t the person Mariah would have picked for her daughter’s friend, but watching Lindsay apply the Thomas theorem, matching an opponent’s wit and endurance often resulted in a desired friendship, was ethnomethodology, a theory Mariah respected, because instead of accepting a perceived reality as already being out there, it showed that you could create and live your own reality.

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  • In less than a decade we have had 'critical sociology,' 'radical sociology,' and such innovations, less closely tied to political commitments, as ethnomethodology and structuralism ” not to speak of the Sociology Liberation Movement, which is perhaps more a mode of feeling than of thinking.

    Has Sociology a Future?


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