ethnoreligious love


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  • adj. Of or pertaining to ethnicity and religion.


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ethno- +‎ religious


  • This system -- which, depending on your point of view, is either a clever piece of social engineering or a kind of ethnoreligious apartheid -- makes race as important a determinant of a person's life chances as talent, ambition or hard work.

    Coming of Age in Malaysia

  • Assad came from a small ethnoreligious minority in Syria known as Alawites or Alawi.

    The Coming Revolution

  • The female agents of this transformation did not explicitly challenge the separate-spheres model, but, as did their American Protestant sisters, they redrew the boundaries and thus altered the landscape of the female domestic realm by moving it into the public sphere of their ethnoreligious communities.

    Assimilation in the United States: Nineteenth Century.

  • The term “Jew”, being an ethnoreligious classification as opposed to primarily religious, as in “Catholic” or primarily ethnic or racial as in “black”, is ambiguous.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » God Bless America:

  • As a Bosnian and a Muslim who suffered from international passivity in the face of genocide, I am appalled at Mr. Bashir's transparent attempt at ethnoreligious manipulation.

    Where's the Muslim Outrage Over Darfur?

  • This approach categorizes the world by its major blocs: Christian, 33.1%; Islam, 20.4%; Buddhist, 12.2%; Hindu, 13.5%; non-religious, 11.9%; ethnoreligious, 4% and other 4.7%.

    Where we are: a reflection on the current status of reaching the unreached

  • Despite official concerns about the volatility of the Irish population on the southern Avalon, in terms of ethnoreligious tensions, the district was far less explosive than other areas on the island with mixed Irish and English populations.

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  • St. John's and Conception Bay, for example, witnessed significant ethnoreligious strife.

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  • These women played an essential role in the almost total assimilation of the old English planter society into the Irish Catholic community, and they further reinforced the identity of their ethnoreligious group as spiritual guides in both formal Catholicism and a concurrent, ancient system of beliefs and customary practices.

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  • (Web Link) Here was one of the few occasions when ethnoreligious tensions flared in the study area as the large Irish Catholic population in the district rallied solidly behind Morris.

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