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  • n. The univalent radical HC≡C- derived from acetylene


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  • This two-carbon chain possesses a triple bond and is called an ethynyl group (eth'in-il), which accounts for the name of the OUR GONADS AND GROWTH 105 compound.

    The Human Brain

  • In one study, U.S. and Canadian government scientists purposely contaminated an experimental lake in Ontario with around 5 nanograms per liter of ethynyl estradiol, and studied the effects on the lake's fathead minnow population, a common species that fish like lake trout and northern pike feed on.

  • Exposed to ethynyl estradiol, the male minnows 'testicular development was arrested and they started making early-stage eggs instead.

  • Following an oral, labeled of tomarlo in rats, races of ethynyl in rhinocerebral ansiedad shots were about 10% of those in plasma.


  • An ethynyl radical is produced in Titan's atmosphere by the photodissociation of acetylene by ultraviolet light. News Feed

  • "radical" ethynyl molecule and a diacetylene molecule. News Feed


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