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  • adj. Of or pertaining to euchromatin


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  • However, upon β-catenin stabilization, it associates with β-catenin inside the euchromatic nuclear compartment, and its binding to target DNA is enhanced along with recruitment of β-catenin and H3K9 acetylation.

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  • The major force driving the degeneration of Y chromosomes are retrotransposons in remodelling former euchromatic chromosome structures into heterochromatic ones. Stories / Popular

  • Our molecular maps demonstrate that heterochromatin can invade a normally euchromatic region, yet the strength of HP1 binding and effects on gene expression are highly dependent on local context.

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  • These findings suggest that DNA demethylating interventions alone are not able to restore a complete euchromatic status and a full transcriptional reactivation of the epigenetically silenced tumor suppressor genes, and reinforce the necessity of targeting multiple elements of the epigenetics machinery for a successful treatment of malignancies.

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  • Knock-down and transfection experiments for DOT1L show that this enzyme has a direct role in maintaining the euchromatic and active status of these genes when unmethylated.

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  • Segmental duplications (SDs) are euchromatic portions of genomic DNA ([greater than or equal to] 1kb) that occur at more than one site within the genome, and typically share a high level of sequence identity (>

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