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  • n. Related to Euclid, or to the geometry of Euclid.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. relating to geometry as developed by Euclid


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  • I must get back to my euclidian philosophy book ….

    Think Progress » GOP congressman calls out conservatives pushing ‘blatant misinformation’ about the Census.

  • I must get back to my euclidian philosophy (?) book, (emphais added)

    Think Progress » GOP congressman calls out conservatives pushing ‘blatant misinformation’ about the Census.

  • Filed under: artists in review | Tags: crochet reef, crocheted reef, daina taimina, fractals, great crochet reef, hyperbolic space, margaret wertheim, non-euclidian, spinhandspun, the quick and the dead

    Daina Taimina’s Hyperbolic Planes

  • I'm also beginning to realize that such large doses of caffeine (cause Coca-Cola is also a nutrituous breakfast as long as you chase it with some coffee) pushes ones brain beyond the limits of conscious wakefullness or creativity and is slingshotted right into full-blown, non-euclidian insanity of "I read the Nerconomicon and so should you!" levels.

    F* the green fairy! I've got caffeine. The black faery?

  • Maybe I didn't have enough attention to focus on the book, or my imagination is just not up to snuff, but there was a whole section about an alternate universe with non-euclidian laws which was hard to follow.

    Operation Chaos by Poul Anderson

  • Obviously you now have to work out and perform an appropriate sacrifice and ceremony of appeasement to this Elder God of wheeled thingies, at one of the many public altars of this god in your fine city Middle of the biggest, fanciest roundabout you can find, preferably one with a sculpture of non euclidian aspect.


  • Non-euclidian geometries have been constructed by a simple change of the fifth postulate.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • PyWeek - Vectors, matrices and other euclidian fun It occurs to me that there's probably still people who aren't aware of the very cool, quite extensive library of euclidian fun called euclid written by Alex Holkner (of pyglet fame).

    PyWeek Diary Entries

  • Pi, in a euclidian geometrical formulation MUST be the value it is.


  • The system promises to use "an inventive and self-improving mix of quantish-euclidian mathematical operators tied around an Escher based infinite string, to influence the production of certain neural chemicals via the auditory wotsit."

    DeadBrain UK


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