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  • adv. In a eugenic manner.
  • adv. Using eugenics.


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  • "No. Of course, you understand that almost no one is what might be called eugenically perfect.

    The War Terror

  • Despite its cachet, white bread came under serious attack, first from moralists in the 18th century (as wasteful and decadent, because much of the highly nourishing raw wheat is discarded in making white flour), then in the 20th century from physicians (as a supposed cause of cancer, tuberculosis and alcoholism) and eugenically inclined ecologists (as a source of racial degeneration).

    The Rise of Nations

  • By contrast, in Brave New World Huxley stuck close to what was then known about Mendelian genetics, and his eugenically modified humans owed much to the timely introduction during fetal development of chemicals like alcohol.

    Jonathan D. Moreno: Brave New World Turns 80

  • Fossil fuels gave us an energy "window of opportunity," which, if they'd correctly used, could have improved our species eugenically and could have begun human colonization and industrialization of the solar system: everything from here to Titan.

    What a Bunch of Apes! « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • But, the original progressives, in fact, defended a radically restricted vision of who among the poor and dispossessed deserved uplift, a vision that eugenically sorted the poor into worthy and unworthy categories, a vision that, moreover, depicted the unworthy poor as the cause rather than the consequence of low wages and other economic ills.

    Intellectuals and Society, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • If Obama puts forward his plan we should expect a gatekeeper to tell us whether we re deemed productive enough, or eugenically fit to receive treatment.

    The Left’s Distraction on Health Care - Erick’s blog - RedState

  • It was clandestinely fought over the Ultra-Sapiens race, a eugenically created strain of covert super-beings with various powers and abilities—some fairly mundane, some earth-shattering.

    Waid Wednesday #8: The Proposal, Part One

  • So when the stands have been too empty, the government has trucked in ersatz fans, including many of its own eugenically selected youthful volunteers.

    Howard W. French: China's Ode to Legerdemain

  • In this video a man argues that (1) abortion was, and is, used eugenically to “weed” Black children out of the U.S. population and(2) thatObama is themost pro-abortion candidate in U.S. history.


  • If morality is merely a matter of choice, Hitler could claim to be moral by his own eugenically inspired standards, and all the atheist can do is make a personal choice to live by different lights.

    The God Delusion


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