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  • Of the form of or resembling infusorians of the family Euglenidæ; especially, becoming encysted and sporulating like the Euglenidæ; exhibiting the movements during the process of reproduction which characterize species of Euglena.
  • Of or pertaining to the Euglenoidea.
  • n. A sporozoan, as a gregarine, in the euglenoid state.
  • Resembling Euglena.

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  • n. marine and freshwater green or colorless flagellate organism


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  • Zimba and his colleagues have since confirmed 11 additional occasions in which euglenoid algae have caused fish to die in aquaculture ponds.

    NOAA News Releases

  • Peranema - Peranema is a colorless euglenoid with two flagella, although only one is usually visible through the microscope.


  • Euglena is one of the euglenoid genera that contain chlorophyll, allowing them to create their own food through photosynthesis.



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