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  • n. Plural form of eulogy.


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  • ... and we're about to be hit with a overly generous eulogies from a lot of people who should know better.

    So, Ronald Reagan has died...

  • Crowe believes her eulogies are a convenient means of consolation.

    Internet: May (Insert Name Here) Rest In Peace

  • Left out of the eulogies was the true scorched earth legacy he left behind.

    The War on Working Americans - Part II

  • He replied that never in his life had Brahms known what it was to be natural, that his eulogies were the worst possible censure, and that although he -- Christophe -- was not very polite, as she had justly observed, never would he have gone so far as to say anything so unpleasant.

    Jean-Christophe, Volume I

  • These two portraits, they are too true to be called eulogies, thoroughly describe Sir William as he was in friendship, as he was not only to his original contemporaries but to their sons, so that he came to be a generally looked up to father, as it were, to the magistracy of the county as well as the neighbourhood.

    John Keble's Parishes

  • The sitting was well attended, and I dare say the addresses were not amiss; though there is something exceedingly tiresome in one of these eulogies, that is perpetrated by malice prepense.

    Recollections of Europe

  • The excitement at Lubetkin’s arrival recalled the eulogies delivered upon her supposed death in 1943, which combined in her all the prominent symbols of the Zionist renaissance, from the courage of Masada through the heroic battle at Tel Hai to the pioneer uprising in the ghettos.

    Zivia Lubetkin.

  • "eulogies," and nobody should be permitted to utter them in the time and place designated for another purpose.

    The Shadow On The Dial, and Other Essays 1909

  • Rather than paying a condolence call to the home of the mourners, Feiler's friends have gathered elsewhere and ordered pizza and a fruit salad and listened to eulogies by the grieving family.

    Rabbi Jason Miller: Sitting Shiva For Traditional Shiva

  • For the record, I have no wish to denigrate a particular human being, especially on the occasion of his death, but among the various eulogies that will be offered, I feel that his attack on all things religious deserves a response.

    Kabir Helminski: Christopher Hitchens is "Not Great"


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