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  • n. The state of being an eunuch.


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  • Here we find the religious significance of eunuchry.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • The slave-girls suffer first from these masterful young persons and then it is the turn of the eunuchry.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • It is told that Harun al-Rashid was sitting one day on the throne of the Caliphate, when there came in to him a youth of his eunuchry, bearing a crown of red gold, set with pearls and rubies and all manner of other gems and jewels, such as money might not buy; and, bussing the ground between his hands, said, O

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • She continued, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when the old nurse saw the head of the eunuchry and his assistants making for her she was in exceeding fear and cried, There is no Majesty and there is no Might save in Allah, the Glorious, the

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • And I the while said in my mind: 'Doubtless the eunuchry seized me because their mistress smelt the stink of the offal and it sickened her.

    Tehran Winter

  • Wind as the origin of life could be duplicated by mechanical methods or eunuchry.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • The Jews have a secret process of eunuchry; they have a way of inserting an instrument (a drawing of which he made, showing distinctly phallic features) by psychological means into the glands or bodies of men, thus cleaning them out.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • The happiness-of-the-greatest-number, of those who pasture on delusions: what dreamer is responsible for this eunuchry?


  • Moreover, on such occasions he used to doff his royal-habit, together with his rosary and dagger-sword and royal-signet, and set them all upon a chair in the sitting - saloon: and he had also a golden lanthorn, adorned with three jewels strung on a wire of gold, by which he set great store; and he would commit all these things to the charge of the eunuchry, whilst he went into the Lady Zubaydah's apartment.

    Arabian nights. English

  • So he went on eating, whilst the folk looked at him in astonishment, waiting to see what would betide him; and, when he had satisfied himself, Zumurrud said to certain of her eunuchry, "Go to yonder youth who eateth of the rice and bring him to me in courteous guise, saying: 'Answer the summons of the King who would have a word with thee on some slight matter.'"

    Arabian nights. English


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