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  • proper n. Alternative form of Euroland.


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  • Assuming of course (4) that Germany, which wants to revise the Lisbon Treaty to apply the new rules EU-wide, and France, which wants nothing to do with a re-opening of the Treaty and therefore wants the fines to apply only in euroland, can resolve their differences.

    Euroland Should Prepare for More Ups and Downs in Its Yo-Yo Economy

  • Baverez also speaks of the problem of Europe's "organized deflation, which has transformed 'euroland' into a desert of unemployment and innovation," the result of Germany's original insistence that the European Central Bank be given as its sole task the prevention of inflation.

    What's Left of the Union?

  • Things will appear better in "euroland" soon, and that will give the euro support. News

  • We wait for the spate of new data on the health of the euroland economies, we wait for the policymakers to come up with some device that satisfies the markets that the eurocracy has come up with a structure that controls national budgets to the satisfaction of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, euroland's paymaster-in-chief.

    Spain Can Still Avoid Financial Doom

  • As the skies over euroland darken, at least the jokes in Brussels are getting better.

    Eurozone crisis: European Union prepares for the 'great leap forward'

  • This is the year in which we will find out if there is an Alexander Hamilton somewhere among the euroland political and bureaucratic elite.

    Who is the Euro Zone's Alexander Hamilton?

  • In 2002, the free marketer Milton Friedman predicted that "euroland" would collapse in five to 15 years.

    European Union: The referendum is an absurd sideshow | Observer editorial

  • Today the euro's critics see vindication in Greece's continuing collapse and the turmoil that it is causing in euroland.

    Europe and Its Money

  • Consumption tax rates usually started at less than 10%, but in much of euroland "the rates have nearly doubled and now are close to 20%," according to a study by the Cato Institute's Dan Mitchell.

    Cain's Tax Mutiny

  • A consensus is rapidly forming: Germany should transfer to its euroland partners more of its hard-earned money, either by lending its impeccable credit to an issue of euro bonds, or contributing more to a much-enlarged European Financial Stability Facility.

    Global Markets Move, but Merkel Won't


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