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  • adj. Having restricted hydrologic circulation, leading to stagnant or anaerobic conditions


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  • Topics include: new insights into Nova Scotia's Joggins fossil forests; a seismic tomography look underneath the British Isles; limits on potential earthquake magnitudes in northwest Los Angeles; earthquake potential of the Lake Tahoe region; analysis of post-impact heating at the Haughton crater in the Canadian high Arctic; newly identified features of the Chesapeake Bay impact crater; and evidence linking euxinic oceans and increased atmospheric methane with the end-Permian mass extinction.

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  • CO2 injected into the atmosphere by the Siberian Traps has been postulated as a major factor leading to the end-Permian mass extinction by facilitating global warming, widespread ocean stratification, and development of anoxic, euxinic and CO2-rich deep waters.



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