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  • n. evacuation
  • n. evacuee


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  • I am going to tell you what this kind of evac is like.


  • The evac insurance with Triple AAA also covers a certain amount for evacuation from the country if the State Department should issue a warning that US citizens return to their home country.

    insurances (health)

  • The most important thing is having some type of health insurance, the evac and other benefits are just freebies thrown in, in my opinion.

    insurances (health)

  • Claudia, I'm in the process of contracting with SKYMED for medical air-evac coverage.

    insurances (health)

  • ANA good prices $190.99 for $300,000 liablility, lawyer, medical evac. even though I will not use the evac.

    Car Insurance

  • Claims he had to hold in his own guts while being in a med-evac chopper.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • A single chopper came in to evac them but with all the wounded bodies and the VC walking in mortar rounds I waved the chopper off.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • See if God will grant Michele the skills to sort through the homeless with the mental problems and the damaged brains from drugs for an hour without needing to find her cell phone and ask for an evac or just ask herself “What have I done wrong?”.

    Think Progress » Bachmann Suggests Critics Of Health Care Reform Will Be Put On A ‘List’ And Denied Treatment

  • My wife and I (early 60's) spend 6 months in the country, and have relied on 'Medjet Assist' emergency air evac. service for several years.

    Emergency Medical

  • There, preparations were underway to med-evac an anticipated "massive" amount of American casualties resulting from a planned major ground offensive against Iraq.

    Jewish Women in the Military - Chaplains - Bonnie Koppell


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