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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of evanesce.


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  • But now, that notion seems to have evanesced, made instantly obsolete by all the press coverage of how American public libraries have become the 'go-to' resource centers for those seeking jobs in tough times.

    Paul LeClerc: Bullish On Libraries?

  • His equally ambitious tax reforms came to grief in the 95th Congress and have evanesced from the 96th.

    The Politics of Austerity

  • On the whole, though, these conflicts have dissipated and evanesced as the West has almost universally adopted democratic forms of governance.

    How to Manage Savagery

  • But illusions that Iraq could finance its own occupation evanesced like a mirage last year.


  • The reader may choose to think of him as possibly no more than a sublunary druggist; it may be so, but my faith is better — I believe him to have evanesced, 11 or evaporated.

    Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

  • Of burnt-out stars not even cinders were left, the last scraps of helium ash evanesced like table dust on a windy day.

    Flinx's Folly

  • Caught in the annihilation sphere of hundreds of explosive devices, or swept by devastating beams of coherent energy, dozens of stingships and their pilots evanesced out of existence, many before they even had a chance to launch their weapons.


  • His voice evanesced, and in the dark dust a long velvet paisley - covered sofa coalesced into hazy shape.

    Life, the Universe, and Everything

  • "The effulgence of your irradiator has evanesced."

    More Toasts

  • The enthusiasm of the people is thus utilized before it has evanesced; but once enlisted (and that for the war) the word should be expunged from the soldier's vocabulary.

    Memoirs of the War of Secession


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