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  • adv. In an evangelical manner, concerning evangelism.

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  • adv. In an evangelical manner.

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  • In an evangelical manner; in accordance with the gospel.


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evangelical +‎ -ly


  • He objected especially to the words "Queen of mercy, our life, our sweetness, our hope"; but the language of devotion is not that of dogma, and some Protestants, unwilling that it should disappear from Lutheran churches, reconstructed it "evangelically" (e.g., a version in use at Erfurt in

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Early in our research for this book, one of us (Putnam) spoke about our work to a group of Lutheran theologians from the Missouri Synod, one of the evangelically inclined denominations within Lutheranism (the denomination of Our Savior Lutheran, featured in Chapter 7).

    American Grace

  • In a sense, the emerging church appears to be precisely the sort of religion we would have predicted to emerge to reach the new nones—evangelically flavored, but without the connections to right-wing politics.

    American Grace

  • The prime minister has evangelically outlined a radical agenda of dismantling big government and empowering patients and users.

    Unravelling the hidden costs of an NHS free-market

  • He leans forward, and says evangelically that all women should become "managed anorexics", and his pill will make it possible.

    Johann Hari: Promoting Anorexia: An Interview With Kenneth Tong. This Was No Hoax

  • Their sole raison d'etre is to take a divisive, evangelically-based position on social and political issues.

    Michael Rowe: CBS to Air "Pro-Life" Focus on the Family Superbowl Spot

  • Griffin balances Swift against the non-magical, evangelically righteous Oda and rounds things out with smaller players like the Alderman, an abused traffic cop, and a worrying mother.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • In reaction, I demanded we look at public schools, some of which were so dirty and underfunded that Agatha was reduced to tears, and others of which were so evangelically leftist that I ran to the parochial schools of the Greenwich Village area, which impressed me with having strong academic values without the upper-class snobbery of the private schools.


  • Maybe hammering on this particular "cross in the dirt" story is minor but is no one making the connection between this evangelically appealing story told in front of an evangelical audience & the way the story McCain tells of giving his captors the names of the Green Bay Packers offensive line when asked for his squadron mates in his book turned into the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line when campaigning in Pittsburgh last month?

    Solzhenitsyn Biographer: Cross-In-Dirt Gulag Story Never Happened

  • It's being felt as a hard slap to the collective faces of the gay community -- ardent supporters of Obama who have pinned such high hopes on the inclusiveness of his "new and improved" administration after eight dark years of Right-wing, evangelically-controlled Republican rule.

    Gary Cohan: The Rev. Rick Warren Controversy: A "Blessing" in Disguise?"


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