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  • adv. Despite the contrary.

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  • adv. despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)


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  • Hippocrates, in his writings, says: ` ` If you put a fruit-stone into a narrow-neck flask, you may find it impossible to bring it out crosswise; and even so it is with a child when it lies across the mouth of the womb. ''

    Labor Among Primitive Peoples

  • At this point the old Turnpike and the Orange Plank Road were not more than 1,300 yards apart and could be covered by even so small a command as Anderson's.


  • When Christmas came, quite young trees were cut down; trees which were not even so large or of the same age as this Pine Tree, who had no rest or peace, but always wanted to be off.

    Good Stories for Great Holidays

  • Meriet again was astonished and upset at hearing that he had troubled the dortoir a second time, and owned to no recollection of any bad dream, or even so small and understandable a thing as a belly-ache that might have disrupted his own rest.

    The Devil's Novice

  • Melrose leaned across the table and said in a level voice, "If I return to Ardry End and find even so much as one Bigget housed there, I shall personally escort him or her to the Piddle River."

    the dirty duck

  • He could play CDs on the PowerBook, but even so ...

    Counting Up, Counting Down

  • Dr. Piderit3 who has published remarks to the same effect, adds that stammerers generally frown in speaking, and that a man in doing even so trifling a thing as pulling on a boot, frowns if he finds it too tight.

    The expression of the emotions in man and animals

  • All she had in the room was a narrow bed and a four-drawer dresser, but even so I still had to practically sit on the bed to close the door.


  • And, anyway, if the switching operators had made a mis­take and sent him to another box, then even so that box should still be aboard a carrier in space.

    Behold the Stars

  • In the summer sun it was actually warmer at three thousand feet than on the surface of the ice cap, but even so the temperature was a few degrees below zero and they all wore fully insulated flight suits as well as helmets, a precaution against turbulence as the helicopter encountered thermal updraughts over exposed land and water along the coastline.

    Crusader Gold


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