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  • n. the quality of being even-handed; fairness

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The state or quality of being even-handed; impartiality; justice.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From even-handed +‎ -ness


  • "He was in my view the clear star of the Fenty administration," Woodson said, "and he is universally well-regarded in the business community, and that high regard is because of his fairness, his even-handedness, his depth of knowledge of development and business issues, and his ability to administer and manage one of the most difficult organizations in the country, and that's the District government."

    Neil Albert joins law firm as public policy adviser

  • No, when there is a new leader, a leader of a marginalized and impoverished nation, prudence would counsel the avoidance of "military-diplomatic" rhetoric and simple repetition of age-old grievances and concerns for justice, integrity, and even-handedness in mutual relations.

    Bernard Rowan: North Korea's Distant Sun

  • Gill was a civil libertarian who found inspiration for his even-handedness and love of personal freedom in the life of Jesus even while propounding a surprisingly traditional, creed-friendly view of Christian theological foundations.

    Eliot Daley: Same-Sex Marriage Is Not A Matter For Ballots

  • Complimenting your abuser is not nobility, diplomacy or even-handedness, it is submission.

    Bidisha's thought for the day: Rihanna

  • How else to maintain even-handedness while the right offers creationism against evolution, energy company propaganda against climate science, and trickle-down economics vs. actual economics?

    Spencer Critchley: The "Gridlock" Story: Why Media Balance Is Broken

  • His objectivity, his even-handedness, his news judgment are all great examples.

    Iconic journalist Walter Cronkite dies at 92

  • Moraes Cabral said he envisions humanitarian goods for Libya being purchased and distributed by U.N. agencies or other international organizations that are "beyond any suspicions" and ensure "the transparency and even-handedness of the process."

    U.N. to consider unfreezing fund for Libyan aid

  • Evidence of Just Journalism's even-handedness may be gauged from a recent event promoted by this organisation, entitled Squaring the Circle?

    Letters: Shocking account of Mavi Marmara assault

  • And featuring two right-leaning opinion bloggers, amid the eight news writers, isn't fair and doesn't reflect well on the Post's commitment to even-handedness.

    Jason Salzman: Spot on Balance: The Need for Left-Leaning Opinion on the Denver Post's Spot Blog

  • * Political fallout begins: Shooting not a time for false equivalences: Paul Krugman says we need to cut the phony "even-handedness" and admit that the right is almost entirely to blame for the toxicity of our discourse, and calls on GOP leaders to "take a stand against eliminationist rhetoric."

    The Morning Plum


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