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  • adj. superlative form of even: most even.


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  • Through vile smells, dismal accommodations, indigestible food, and a touch of cholera, the artist maintained “the neatest humor, the nicest observation, and the evenest temper you can imagine,” Henry marveled, wishing the same for himself.

    The Five of Hearts

  • At last, indeed, he began to tell me, that from the sweetest and evenest temper in the world, you seemed to be leaning towards melancholy, were always in tears, or shewed you had been weeping, when he came home; and that you did not make his return to you so agreeable as he used to find it.


  • Any force left in his argument vanished that October when his tenant won the plowing contest with a set of the straightest, evenest furrows a judge ever saw.


  • Yet generally she was 'the evenest-tempered woman that ever a well-meaning husband found it difficult to get on with.'

    Australian Writers

  • "The evenest-tempered man in town -- mad all the time!"


  • They had the evenest tempers, the most perfect patience and good nature -- one of the things most impressive about them all was the absence of irritability.


  • "I thought you had started for California," he said in his evenest tones.


  • Such lips, a little parted to show the whitest, evenest teeth in Hampshire, seemed to Rorie lovely enough to please the most critical connoisseur of feminine beauty.

    Vixen, Volume I.

  • At length he came, excusing himself that his lordship's temper at such times -- that was, in his dumpy fits -- was not of the evenest, and required a gentle hand.

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • But as little children, to whom the plainest and evenest room at first is a labyrinth, are so ambitious of going alone, that they scorn to take the guidance of a form or bench to direct them, but will adventure by themselves, though often to the cost of a knock and a fall.

    Good Thoughts in Bad Times and Other Papers.


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