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  • pro. Eye dialect spelling of everything, representing southern US English.


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  • But as I learned from this dude, looks ain't everthang:

    Writer's Block: Almost Famous

  • "Well, Ah wanted to catcha and make sure everthang was okay fer yall outcheer."


  • Chemist said th 'closest thang he'd ever seen to't was somethin' he called Aquia Reqa or somethin 'like-kind've a mix a' all kinda acids together, real nasty stuff, etches glass an 'everthang.

    Fiddler Fair

  • once he wuz out on his own n wurkin at a job he hated, he gut to whar he wood quote me back. he tole me once how he had dun herd everthang i sed but dint wonta bleeve it.

    What's Unique about Me

  • grate tale with the rangin in the ears of truth. thays a 26 year old down in tennessee that woodnt do nuthin at skool but make fun of everthang. i wood try to set im rite n ground im 'dad, couldnt ya just spank me?' n ye kin name it, i tride it. mostly i tole im thangs i figgers he orta know n then cawt myself n pallgized fer leckshurin im.

    What's Unique about Me

  • folks that claims everthang happens fer the best putts me in mind of that german flossofer name of leibniz whose claim that we live in the best of all possibull worlds wuz tuck apart by voltaire in that wunderfull lil book name of candide.

    It's All for the Best

  • “That’s that goofball WING-ding software a-gummin’ up everthang again,” said Murphy.



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