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  • adj. Of or supporting evidentialism, the doctrine that evidence is of primary importance in questions of belief
  • n. One who supports or argues for evidentialism


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evidential +‎ -ist


  • It was a debate about atheism between Christopher Hitchens and Dr. William Lane Craig, described in this article as "an 'evidentialist' in that he argues for the existence of God based on evidence not presupposition."


  • However, for those overly evidentialist sorts that find any speculation without evidence too distasteful to even express, you may be spared reading further.

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  • When one lives out certain practices -- regular time for reflection/meditation/prayer; living constructively within a community of people, many of whom are very different politically and demographically; giving one's time and money and resources to move things in a better direction -- this seems to me to be much more related to most believers' lives than hammering out evidentialist implications of, say, the Nicene creed.

    Does Being Exist?

  • For example, it wouldn't be true to the spirit of reliabilism if it merely restated an evidentialist theory in a roundabout way.


  • An evidentialist account of justification isn't admissible unless “evidence” is explainable in non-justificational terms.


  • But an evidentialist owes us a story about which process types qualify as justification-conferring basing relations and which ones don't.


  • Christianity has a long history of evidentialist apologetics an apologetic is a defense of something.

    Exploring Our Matrix - And Why Intelligent Design Forced Me To Leave The Church

  • I didn't see much that I thought was interesting, but I would recommend the discussion between Clayton and Lewis at "Hesperus/Phosphorus": Why I am an evidentialist.

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  • Let us look at the issue from the evidentialist point of view.


  • An evidentialist who employs the ambiguity response would have to say that one's evidence for thinking one isn't a BIV is good enough for knowledge.



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