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  • A huge, evil-tempered sorrel stallion, he was ridable by no one, and only Old Alec and Jamie dared go near him.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • If Francis thought he was to be cheated of his inheritance by his ill-tempered brother—or, more like to my mind, if evil-tempered Giles thought his father might with that will be giving land and money and all to Francis—one of the two of them would have cause to take and burn that piece of paper.

    Wicked Will

  • I got pretty good at pilling a cat when my evil-tempered oldest was put on Prozac to calm his aggressive territorial behavior.

    Two Humans, One Cat, Half a Benadryl

  • To be in harmony with your nose, you were a “phenomenal” liar, an ill-bred, ill-born, profligate, partly insane, an evil-tempered monster, a self-righteous person, full of self-approbation — in fact you were the Beast of this pious

    Letters to Dead Authors

  • I perceive that I was an evil-tempered, ill-disposed youth with

    In the Days of the Comet

  • The fish that had prompted me to take leave of my senses is an evil-tempered, prehistoric critter that lives only in certain big, cold, fast rivers in Mongolia and Siberia, most of which flow into the Arctic Ocean.

    Bill Heavey Chases Mongolian Taimen (with Prairie Dogs as Bait)

  • And Thorgil—evil-tempered Thorgil, who called him a thrall on every possible occasion and had shown him nothing but contempt—had freed him.

    The Sea of Trolls

  • Thus far he had made do with the hard-mouthed bay that Hakim had called a nag, and an evil-tempered pack mule that pretended every shadow was a lion waiting to pounce and kept up a constant braying that strongly tempted Sabin to cut its wretched throat.

    The Falcons of Montabard

  • Even the most fractious destrier gentled when I took him in hand, and before long I was the one called to saddle up the huge, evil-tempered stallions trained to fight in tourneys with hooves and teeth, as well as the mettlesome coursers preferred by Prince Heritor Conrig and his high-spirited young band of Heart Companions.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • Then he ran past the dragon handler and toward his own stupid, evil-tempered mount.

    Rulers of the Darkness


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