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  • v. Present participle of evince.


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  • The Prince only seemed happy in evincing his affection towards me.

    Memoirs of Mary Robinson

  • Bearing - I went to a 'Committment Ceremony' down near Taos, and recall evincing a wince if that is what one does with a wince when the soon-to-be-exes committed to 'hold space for one another's soul quests.'

    "A young man, a newlywed, thought his role was to be responsible for all the decision-making for the couple."

  • It was Newton's little sister who asked the question, her facial expression evincing appreciation of Newton's efforts in the line of groans, somewhat touched with awe.

    The Brown Mouse

  • Lufton did think that to her Griselda might have spoken some word evincing that the alliance would be satisfactory to her.

    Framley Parsonage

  • New Year's day among the descendants of the Norman French -- Anti-philosophic speculations of Brydone -- Schlegel on language -- A peculiar native expression evincing delicacy -- Graywacke in the basin of Lake

    Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers

  • It was, to be sure, no more than natural that a young lady so well brought up as Miss Grantly should show no signs of passion till she was warranted in showing them by the proceedings of the gentleman; but notwithstanding this, fully aware as she was of the propriety of such reticence — Lady Lufton did think that to her Griselda might have spoken some word evincing that the alliance would be satisfactory to her.

    Framley Parsonage

  • Body-language experts confirmed to this reporter that the attendees were evincing behaviors and manifesting gestures and facial expressions that could reliably be seen as evidence that they were enjoying the proceedings.

    How Will The Media Cover The Rally To Restore Sanity, Which Apparently Terrifies Them?

  • I would not condemn others for whatever ill-informed, histrionic, extreme and bile-laden opinions they might embrace, but instead attempt to divine what incidents in their past brought them to such beliefs or prejudices, and then, summoning Platonic intellectual insights and logic and evincing the good that mankind is capable of, attempt to reach a harmonious philosophical accord -- oh, Me.

    David Kronke: Memo From Jesus: Here's Precisely What I Would Do

  • Finally the Berlin Wall comes down, taking Carlos's career with it, and he appears a sleazy and seedy figure, washed up in Sudan where he improbably claims to be a Muslim, getting liposuction for his "love-handles" and apparently evincing not the smallest interest in the Palestinian people.

    Carlos – review

  • Stark contends that Christianity is a forward-looking religion, evincing faith in progress and in its followers 'abilities to understand God over time.

    Measuring Corruption, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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