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  • n. Plural form of evisceration.


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  • Three of them are set during the Dark Ages or soon after and revolve around classic power-struggle themes of greed, revenge, betrayal and intrigue—all spiced up for modern appetites with decapitations, eviscerations, violent sexual assaults and, it should be obvious, a never-ending stream of bare breasts and buttocks.

    Servants, Swords and Sad Sex

  • From affectionate eviscerations of the Beatles to ridiculous spoof ads, you can see many of these at, but he also occasionally appears live, in shows that mix video with live performances.

    This week's new comedy

  • It turns out he stumbled onto a zombie infestation, and saw there the horrors he'd later weave into Inferno - decapitations, cannibalism, eviscerations, burnings, etc.

    Tom Morris: Interview with a Philosopher: Zombies Are People, Too

  • Which explains why Melissa's new column, "Horror Chick," has become such a favorite over at The Awl, where she writes with gusto about dismemberments, flayings, hangings, stabbings, impalings, devourings, eviscerations and the odd demonic possession.

    Horror Chick: Why Do We Like Scary Movies?

  • In keeping with wolfish tradition, it's an agonizing process, which may account for the creature's ill temper upon becoming fully lupine: He doesn't kill to feed any need besides bloodlust, and his eviscerations are graphic, grotesque and largely unnecessary — although when Mr. Del Toro is seen chowing down on some villager's liver, it may be intended as an homage to his somnambulistic co-star Mr. Hopkins (hold the fava beans).

    'Wolfman' Chases Its Tail

  • I read a substantial percentage of the canon of great literature, and I've read more than my share of eviscerations of the ruling class.

    Kenneth Hartman: The Gangs Of Readers In Prison

  • My understanding of why the dems have not brought the troops home (or even moved in that direction), and why they have capitulated on this "compromise" is partially to do with corruption (many dems campaigns are funded by telecoms) and partially to do with the large number of "blue dogs" (dems who are with Bush on the war and the constitutional eviscerations).

    Why Obama's Support For FISA Cave-In Is Such A Downer

  • The killing, and subsequent eviscerations and exsanguinations, are in vivid contrast to the pastoral setting of a small Amish town in Ohio in Linda Castillo's riveting, suspense thriller, Sworn to Silence.

    Tom Alderman: Brutality in a Bucolic Amish Town -- An Audio Book Review

  • Most probably fat matt trying to discredit me in response to my repeated eviscerations of his ludicrous posts.

    Matthew Yglesias » Polling the Troops

  • Even if it is trying a bit too hard by the end, and there are only so many eviscerations one comic book can sustain before they start to become a bit tiresome.

    I can has title.


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