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  • adv. In an evolutionary manner.
  • adv. From the perspective of evolution.

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  • adv. in an evolutionary way; from an evolutionary point of view


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

evolutionary +‎ -ly


  • Here we review the possibility that flagella sprouted evolutionarily from the eukaryotic cell proper seems very unlikely because it is hard to imagine what function and benefit in natural selection the flagella would have provided to the cells when they first emerged as simple buds.

    ID Research, Look to the Example

  • Ang mga gilid ng pagkakaroon Programang naka-highlight sa mundo pinaka evolutionarily naiiba at globally endangered species.

    ideonexus.com »2007» Disyembre

  • I think this purpose was hidden before the foundation of the world, and that it was revealed in Jesus at a moment that could be described as evolutionarily appropriate.

    Musing still on VB

  • For application of the Endangered Species Act to a species with considerable intraspecific diversity, such as Chinook salmon or steelhead, the species is partitioned into geographical parts called evolutionarily significant units ESU.

    Trout and Salmon of North America

  • Human culture is everywhere different but human nature is everywhere the same.) ** "evolutionarily" - it grates on the ear as one of the ugliest adverbs in English.


  • With those rules in place, the researchers used the model to look for “evolutionarily stable equilibrium behaviors,” situations in which both sides are doing as well as they can in relationship to the other.

    My review of the True Jive Pluckers...

  • Using statistics and computers, a process called bioinformatics, the researcher compared various versions of TRPA1 in assorted organisms today and figuring out how those variations relate to each other evolutionarily.

    A half-billion years of irritation

  • The perception of time is a functioning product, an evolutionarily emergent, an aspect of the linear organizing format of the mind -- for survival purposes in THIS relative life.

    Sebastian Siegel: Manifesting the Moon

  • Likewise, people overeat because humans are evolutionarily hardwired to eat a lot.

    Matthew Yglesias » Permanent Income Hypothesis

  • Unlike other primates, however, infants can use such evolutionarily ancient abilities for purposes that are specifically linguistic and (presumably) unique to humans.

    2009 July « Motivated Grammar


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