exceptionalist love


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  • n. A proponent of exceptionalism.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

exceptional +‎ -ist


  • Unless we should regard the stubbornness of the plain people as one aspect of this political philosophy — let's call it "exceptionalist" — that I'm sure is just as present in American hearts now as it was in the time of Tocqueville.

    In the Footsteps of Tocqueville

  • Except this "exceptionalist" nation is exceptional only for its profound support of ignorance, stupidity, racism, corporate profit and greed ahead of care for the quality of life for all of its people.

    LIVE Blog: Landmark health care bill heads to Obama's desk

  • He goes on to make it clear he believes it is dimwitted conservatives who demand an "exceptionalist" worldview.

    The Seattle Times

  • It has always amazed me that our southern "exceptionalist" neighbours believe their own myths to such a degree.

    Crooks and Liars

  • Thank goodness that the bumbling, abusive, child-bombing "war hero" McCain was not elected to give America and the World another 4-8 years of violent, racist, "exceptionalist" incompetence - since when does dropping napalm and bombs on women and children make you a "war hero"?

    newmatilda.com - Comments

  • I'm developing a vague, depressingly revolutionary presentiment ... and praying that it's just some kind of exceptionalist, millenial, distortion in my thinking.

    Popular Posts Across MetaFilter

  • Before I'm accused of being a net exceptionalist, let me quickly say that the net is hardly the only factor in this modern disruption of authority.

    Jeff Jarvis: A Struggle Over the Sovereignty of the Net and Nations

  • When the National Conference of Catholic Bishops declared in 1983 that “no previously conceived moral position escapes the fundamental confrontation posed by contemporary nuclear strategy,” they were making an exceptionalist argument.

    How the End Begins

  • Or was there something particularly demonic, Faustian, insidiously evil—“exceptionalist”—about them?

    How the End Begins

  • That language captures the uniqueness that make nuclear weapons an exceptionalist case morally.

    How the End Begins


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