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  • n. The state or condition of being exciting.


exciting +‎ -ness (Wiktionary)


  • But _Jettatura_, with its combination of romantic and tragical appeal; _Avatar_, with its extraordinary mixture of romance, again, with humour, its "excitingness," and its delicacy of taste; the equally extraordinary felicity of the dealings with that too often unmanageable implement the "classical dictionary" in _Arria Marcella_, _Une Nuit de

    A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2 To the Close of the 19th Century

  • The excitingness of pure being had withdrawn from them; they were just rather stale literary words.

    Tracey Emin: 'What you see is what I am'

  • Now the poet has to work in the excitingness of pure being; he has to get back that intensity into the language.

    Tracey Emin: 'What you see is what I am'

  • One of the best things about having a husband who manages a bookstore is that sometimes he brings home a book or particular excitingness.

    A Visual Novel « So Many Books

  • Goreans are not ashamed of the luscious richness, the excitingness, the sensuousness, the femininity, the beauty of their slaves.

    Magicians of Gor

  • In such dance the woman moves as a female, and shows herself as a female, in all her excitingness and beauty.

    Magicians of Gor

  • And even more significantly did they not understand that her true excitingness did not depend on such things as a collar and a particularly sort of livery, as telling, and revealing and lovely, as these things were, but on her condition itself, that she was slave?

    Magicians of Gor

  • Did they really think that the excitingness of a slave could be reduced by such a triviality as the addition of a few horts of material to a tunic?

    Magicians of Gor

  • Accordingly the readiness for, and the aptitude for, slave dance, so intimately associated with beauty and sexuality, displaying the female in her marvelousness, excitingness and need, scarcely need be noted.

    Magicians of Gor

  • The Classical Renaissance was a new reading of human life, and what it added to the emotional capital of Europe was a new sense of the excitingness of human affairs.



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