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  • n. Plural form of excluder.


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  • Adjectives that (1) are attributive as opposed to predicative, (2) serve to rule out something without themselves adding anything, and (3) ambiguously rule out different things according to context, I call "excluders".


  • If anything, I am what is known as an early adopter, as the various minidisc players and digital radios doing sterling work around the house as paperweights and draught excluders will testify.

    Sky's 3D golf coverage leaves sales pitch out in the rain

  • Although political expedience has kept anti-gay and even some gay groups allied to the GOP, as gay rights become an accepted fact of American life, the party will have to choose between including the excluders and including the excluded.

    Michael B. Keegan: A Gay Tempest in the Tea Party Cup

  • He also fitted draught excluders and upgraded the heating system with a new boiler and radiators.

    Eco makeover for your home – with 40% off

  • We fish carefully, avoiding pinheads (the babies) and use excluders, used them before it was mandated.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » 1.4 Billion

  • The long and short of it is that step-families are remarkably vulnerable to dissolution, and stepmothers, far from the wicked, powerful excluders we are used to thinking of them as, are usually the least empowered people in the step-family system.

    Wednesday Martin: When And Why You Shouldn't Put The Kids First

  • We fish carefully, avoiding pinheads the babies and use excluders, used them before it was mandated.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » 1.4 Billion

  • However, that is of no account, for in his closing remarks Hall allows that excluders may be found not only among adjectives, but also among ˜nouns and other parts of speech.™


  • Over the stockings, and rolled tightly down upon the tops of the moccasins as snow-excluders, were a pair of heavy gray socks.

    The Luck of the Mounted A Tale of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police

  • Doors and windows can then be sealed quickly and easily using self-adhesive foam and rubber strips, and draught excluders.

    BBC News - Home


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