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  • n. Plural form of excretion.


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  • The worn-out substances themselves are called excretions, as opposed to secretions, which are elaborated for use in the body.

    A Practical Physiology

  • The excretions are the urine, the perspired fluid, and the milk.

    Medico-Chirurgical Transanction

  • You are correct of course it would be very difficult to verify experimentally due to the numerous inputs and outlets of energy in the human body and the difficult of controlling (i.e., locking up) humans in a laboratory in a closed chamber necessary to measure and test all those inputs and excretions (the gases, solids, liquids, heat, energy storage molecules, etc.) over an extened period oftime.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Are Carbs Worse than Fat?

  • But what else to expect from the excretions of an American philosophy department.

    Matthew Yglesias » Influential Books

  • At some point they're going to go completely off the rails and lie there in a puddle of their own excretions.

    They Have No Idea

  • I had someone else's sick on my left leg. And a whole host of other people's excretions on my right.

    It's my holiday. No kids allowed – ever!

  • Loads of chemicals and heaven knows what kind of bodily excretions.

    DAY 14: HIVES!

  • A doctor writes, “Personnel who have contact with patient excretions, secretions or blood, whether directly or through contaminated objects, may acquire transient carriage of micro-organisms from such contact.”

    Modern Science in the Bible

  • It has "positive environmental benefits for livestock producers in terms of decreased nitrogen and phosphorus excretions," extols one journal article.

    Martha Rosenberg: Arsenic, Antibiotics and Asthma Drugs in Your Turkey?

  • One book on the shortlist is particularly meretricious, because it is being marketed as a book for an adult readership despite being written, with its fey speaking pigeon, for a much younger audience—though I'd hesitate to let a child of my own read it, lest he or she be infected by its obsession with bodily excretions and bad language.

    Time, Again, for Posh Bingo


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