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  • n. Same as exegetist.


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  • One problem with O’Connor the exegesist is that she narrows the scope of her work, even for Catholic readers.

    Touched by Evil

  • P. 62 He acts as an exegesist and claims that the phrase "promised land" does not refer to the people to whom the land was promised but to the divinity that promised the land, skipping over the numerous times that God had made a covenant to award the Land to the Jewish people.

    My Right Word

  • The application of the Nabiim as exegesis of the Torah is like the application of Paul as exegesis of the Gospels; these later discourses build a complex labyrinth of assumptions and interpretations, shaped as much by the personal, political agenda of the exegesist as anything, a labyrinth which nevertheless has the core story at its heart, there to be read as a story, a discourse which we need to deconstruct, I think, rather than reconstruct, retro-fitting it with all these anotations and amendments.

    Wisdom, Justice And Mercy


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