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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of exegete.


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  • Indeed, a lot of the trouble we have in understanding the New Testament lies in the fact that the NT authors exegeted the OT in ways that seem quite ludicrous to us.

    Quote of the Day (Eric Reitan)

  • How can Jesus be exegeted out of the gospels as a capitalist, believer in a vengeful God, upholder of the status quo, all around good ol boy?

    Preaching Peace: GW's Theological Politics

  • The powerful God of Isaiah 40 is revealed to us as Jesus of Nazareth who brought out the meaning of God, who exegeted him, who made the life of God visible.

    The God of the Towel

  • The problem is that (as usual) the pimp has poorly exegeted this text and used it out of context … again.

    British Blogs

  • What if when we trained young student leaders (and other leaders) to do Bible study we weren't only concerned for accuracy, good questions and methodology, but chiefly for them to believe the (rightly-understood, thoroughly-exegeted) gospel afresh.

    the blue fish project

  • While I have seen the Isaiah passasge used, I have never seen it exegeted in context with a proper application based on that exegesis.


  • "Self-healing" is a key term here, a concept which will be exegeted, parsed, run through hermeneutical wringers, preached about, perhaps repented over, and certainly examined.

    Latest News from Ekklesia

  • Interestingly enough, I don’t think there was any agreement among the Founders that the Constitution was to be exegeted like a Koran.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Constitution and the Golden Calf — A Response to Randy:

  • We’ve been through the Story and exegeted texts together to no avail.

    The God of the Towel

  • The Bible is the most relevant book in history, but not if it is exegeted into the air and left floating somewhere over people’ heads.

    Navigating the Winds of Change


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