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  • v. Present participle of exegete.


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  • In Books XII and XIII, Augustine elaborates, in loving patience and with considerable allegorical license, the mysteries of creation -- exegeting the first chapter of Genesis, verse by verse, until he is able to relate the whole round of creation to the point where we can view the drama of God's enterprise in human history on the vast stage of the cosmos itself.

    Confessions and Enchiridion, newly translated and edited by Albert C. Outler

  • Strangely, Bellinger doesn't mention this violation of Priestly categories when exegeting the requirement of wine as drink offerings in Lev 23: 13; Num 15: 5, 7, 10; 28: 14 (or Exod 29: 4, which isn't covered in the commentary).

    Ketuvim: the Writings of James R. Getz Jr.

  • I think this is more reading between the lines than exegeting the passage itself.

    Biblical Theology

  • But that's not the same thing as exegeting 1 Cor 10: 13.


  • In exegeting on this verse in his classic commentary

    Apprising Ministries

  • While we spend most of our time in seminary exegeting scripture and filing through Greek flashcards and debating theories of atonement, we have been known to spend our professional ministry trying to repair the boiler or picking up beer cans in the church parking lot on Sunday morning.

    A Church for Starving Artists

  • So, how does exegeting texts that refute hyperism affect anything I have stated?


  • The doctrine of the twofold truth is useful for exegeting the implications of upâya, but historically it is secondary: the Mahâyâna sâtras revel in the notion of upâya but never refer to the twofold truth; conversely, Nâgârjuna is the foremost advocate of the distinction between ultimate and conventional truth, yet he never refers to upâya (Pye, p. 2).

    Joseph S. O'Leary homepage

  • "arrives" in cultural exegesis but is always knowing, exegeting (studying & interpreting) their culture.



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